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  • The Joy of Collecting Radko Santas Throughout the Seasons

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    The Christopher Radko Company is known the world over for its fine European glass ornaments that have graced homes around the globe for over 25 years now. The company has its headquarters in Gastonia, NC and makes its ornaments available for purchase at over 2,500 stores and online sites. Some of the most popular ornaments from the company are the Radko Santas, which are mouth-blown glass and uniquely designed. The hallmarks of these ornaments are exquisite workmanship and handcrafted details, and the Santas are available in a variety of styles that represent everything from the earlier, traditional representations of Santa Claus to the more modern, unique perspective of Father Christmas as a man of all seasons.

    The traditional Santas feature inspirations of yesteryear with the well-known long red robe and fluffy trim, black boots and flowing beard (along with the traditional Santa hat, of course) in various Christmas scenes. Some of these scenes include Santa filling stockings at the fireplace, emptying his pack of presents, and riding in his sleigh. Modern representations of the Man in Red include summertime fun with Santa at the beach in shorts, Santa driving cars and even Santa bowling, dressed in his finest bowling shirt and shoes. Christopher Radko Driving SantaThe popular Radko Santas are part of the three components of today’s Christopher Radko brand: European glass, Home for the Holidays, and Shiny-Brite®. Home for the Holidays, first introduced in 1996, includes a variety of decorative holiday decorations and accessories such as tabletop Santas, limited-edition ornaments, tree skirts and holiday trim. Shiny-Brite®, first launched in 2001, is a collection of re-creations of uniquely American ornaments and decorations of the 1940s and 1950s and continues to expand on its collection of vintage 1940s lighting and decorative accessories in addition to ornaments. Christopher Radko Classic Santa

    Search our entire stock of Christopher Radko Santas! We have over 400 products that capture the unique design and classic flair of Radko in stock. Have questions on any of our products available for purchase? Contact Sundry Shop today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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  • The History of Father's Day Suggests A Unique Gift - Romancing Dad A Bit!

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    Mother's Day Celebrations Influenced the Creation of a Father's Day


    Slavic Treasures Gift for Dad Glass Ornament Slavic Treasures Gift for Dad Glass Ornament

    The only daughter, Sonora was 16 at the time of her mother's death in 1898 when her mom gave birth to the family's sixth child.  Sonora subsequently helped her father raise her brothers and witnessed his extraordinary love and devotion in caring for his family.

    Sonora grew to become a passionate, as well as a professionally accomplished woman.  Both these attributes inspired her pursuit of an annual fatherhood celebration as a tribute as to how much she loved and revered her own dad.

    In 1909, Sonora 27 years of age and living in Spokane, Washington, attended, a Mother's Day church ceremony that had become widely practiced throughout the United State, While attending the Mother's Day event, it occurred to Sonora that dad should also gain a day of recognition.

    Sonora brought her idea to the Spokane Ministerial Alliance, which then organized the first Father’s Day celebration at the Spokane, Washington, YMCA on June 19, 1910, with future gatherings occurring in churches in a manner similar to how Mother’s Day was honored at the time. The Protestant church quickly viewed the event as an opportunity to promote a masculine side of Christianity in which fathers could be reminded not just to provide food and shelter for the family, but also to tend to the families' spiritual welfare. While the alliance agreed to June, the month of her father's birth, the third Sunday was selected instead of the 5th day, her father's birth day, and circulated a petition for signatures so as to officially recognize the local celebration..


    Sonora Doll Remembering Her Father with Roses, 1910 Sonora Doll Remembering Her Father with Roses, 1910

    First Fahter's Day event, YMCA Spokane, Washington, 1910. First Fahter's Day event, YMCA Spokane, Washington, 1910.


    Showing Your Love for Dad With Red Or White Roses

    A 2010 centennial celebration of Father's Day Centennial Poster showing Sonoa Dodd honoring her father William Smart.

    Where as the carnation was the flower designated for Mother's Day, Sonora believed the rose was an appropriate gift for father.  The white rose signified a deceased father and the red rose a living one.

    When you look at the 2010 centennial poster celebrating the 100th year of Father's Day, it is obvious how much Senora loved her father. As a little girl, she was the "apple of his eye", and he was the man of her life.  Not only did her father greatly influence the choice of whom she herself eventually married, but he also provided a primary role model for his sons. Senora believed that the rose communicated in a richly symbolic way the warmth and affection that exists among fathers and family members. Interestingly, in the centennial poster, she wears white attire but holds a bouquet of vibrant red roses, signifying that her father still lived strongly in her heart.

    Sonora Dodd's 63 Year Persistance to Establish a Nationally Officiated Father's Day

    Although Sonora Dodd gained notoriety by politically and otherwise advocating for a nationally celebrated Father's Day, for quite some time the idea was not broadly adapted throughout the country.  By 1916, Woodrow Wilson proposed recognition of the event was soon forgotten. And even though Calvin Coolidge recommended that Father's Day be officially observed in 1924, any trace of the celebration mostly disappeared throughout the country except in Spokane's churches.

    After completing a degree in design from the Art Institute of Chicago and becoming a successful Hollywood fashion designer, Mrs. Dodd's returned to Spokane 25 years later in the 1930s and brought with her a renewed interest to celebrate Father's Day. Ultimately it was not until the Associated Men's Wear Retailers of New York City in 1938 recognized the commercial potential of a nationally celebrated Father's Day that  greater attention was stirred throughout the United States.  The National Council for the Promotion of Father's Day was established and worked with tobacconists, stationers, florists, and men's clothiers.  Soon the catch phrase became, "Give dad something to wear!."  Traditionally, the tie came to mind more quickly than anything else!

    On Father's Day, give something to wear! The tie became the traditional Father's Day gift!

    In 1972 President Richard Nixon finally signed a law officially signed a law making the third Sunday of June the national observance of Father's Day.  Sonora was able to witness the celebrations for six years before passing away at the age of 96 in 1978.

    President Nixon Signing Father's Day Into Law President Nixon Signing Father's Day Into Law

    A monument has been erected honoring Sonora at the Spokane YMCA.

    Plaque by the Spokane YMCA recognizing Sonora Dodd Plaque by the Spokane YMCA recognizing Sonora Dodd

    Today Father's Day brings in over $1 billion in retail sales as moms, children, other family, and friends celebrate the importance of father's nurturing paternal role and important parenting influence. How will you be spending Father's Day?  What gifts will you give dad and how might you honor the memory deceased dads, as well?  How might you personalize a more memorable Father's Day celebration by making the even less commercial and more meaningful?

    Romancing Dad A Bit - The Completely Original & Perfectly Unique Gift for Father's Day

    Christopher Radko Red Rose Glass Ornament Clip On to Honor Dad Christopher Radko Red Rose Glass Ornament Clip On to Honor Dad

    Even though the tie might have been the traditional gift in the past, most ties are gathering dust in closets these days. We believe that what Senora originally had in mind deserves to stand the test of time.

    If you really want to create a surprise, consider beautiful red roses displayed at the dinner table, perhaps beginning a new family tradition. We conducted a poll among the fathers with whom we have been doing business for over 20 years, and they overwhelmingly endorsed the idea of being honored with a great barbequ e or dinner accompanied by red roses!  They also believed that they themselves would want to include white roses to "invite" the memories of their own deceased fathers into the celebration.

    And consider showcasing with the flowers a SundryShop hand blown floral glass ornament so that it might be passed down through the generations, honoring the memory of your father, past and present. SundryShop wishes you a great, inspired Father's Day celebration.  Comment about how you decided to honor you dad.

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  • Five Memorial Day American Flag Traditions & Great Patriotic Collectibles to Honor the Fallen

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    Memorable European Hand Blown Glass Ornaments to Honor the Fallen

    Radko Heart Spangled Banner Ornament Radko Heart Spangled Banner Ornament

    While Memorial Day sign as the beginning of summer for many, it also remembers those have died for the United States of America.  While the American flag is brought out to celebrate all national holidays, there is no day where its usage more iconic than for Memorial Day.

    Here is a gift that SundryShop has given to a family that lost a dad during the Iraqi War.  The ornament has come to be displayed every patriotic holiday and during the holiday season, a cherished memory of a soldier who gave his life for his country.

    Patricia Breen Santa Presents Patrioti Glass Ornament Breen Santa Presents Patriotic Ornament

    Further peruse our selection of great patriotic European hand blown ornaments that promise to be treasured through the generations!

    SundryShop's Top Collectible Recommendation to Honor the Fallen Throughout the Year

    Christopher Radko Volkswagon Stars & Stripes ornament, a hand blown European glass ornament made in two versions, each a store exclusive limited to 200.

    Radko's 2 Ltd 200 Stars & Stripes Volkswagon VW Ornaments Radko Stars & Stripes Volkswagen Ornament, 2 versions

    SundryShop offers a large variety of patriotic collectibles that a perfect to honor Americans who have served their country.  Explore these patriotic hand blown European glass ornaments to create great centerpiece displays or decorate an patriotic tree.

    American Flag Usage Etiquette

    Did you know that there is flag usage etiquette that communicates your respect for the American flag during national holidays?  .  Here are some pointers!  Share your thoughts about  these and other American flag traditions because there are many more!

    • On Memorial Day it's customary to fly the flag at half staff until noon
    American Flag flown at half mast. American flag flown at half mast.

    • When at a parade and the American flag passes, show your respect by standing.
    Stand when American flag passes by Americans respectfully stand when flag in parades passes by.

    • Customarily, the flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset on a pole in an open space.  But it also can be displayed at night to create a more profound effect.
    • On patriotic national holidays, the flag is raised at sunrise and lowered at sunset.
    Dkisplay the American flag from sunrise to sunset. The American flag at sunset.

    • When hanging the flag vertically on a window or door, the Union blue should be to the viewer's left.
    Union is to left when flag displayed in window. American flag displayed in a window.

    • When hanging the flag either vertically or horizontally against a wall, the Union blue should be to the viewer's left.
    Displaying Ameircan flag on a wall Display Union blue on left when flag is hung on a wall.

    • Hoist the flag briskly but lower it ceremoniously.
      Lower the American flag ceremoniously. Lower American flag ceremoniously.

    • Abstain from displaying the flag during inclement weather (always hoping for sunny, mild weather on Memorial Day!).

    Please share other traditions,  as well - there are other important ones.

    SundryShop has also written, "Rememberence - An Original Story About the Meaning of Memorial Day"  Please read it and comment.

    Share stories and pictures of your Memorial Day weekend.

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  • The History of Mothers Day - 100th Anniversary of Moms for Peace & Family

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    The Complex History of Mother's Day

    SundryShop wrote an original story about how the origins of Mother's Day can be traced back to the abolitionist Julia Howe who brought mothers together throughout the world to proclaim international peace so that their sons would be killed no more.  As such, the history of Mother's Day came to recognize moms as "powerful peacekeepers."  But Mother's Day is also rooted in Ann Reeves work to improve the living conditions of families and to provide care-giving during war time.  Mother's Day became an official national celebration after Anna Jarvis sought to recognize her mother's work, but surprisingly, it ultimately was Mother's Day intrinsic worth that saved it from  Anna Jarvis' impassioned attempts to abolish it at a later time.

    Mother's Day has become one of the most celebrated holidays.  Honor the mothers in your world with meaningful floral theme SundryShop gifts.

    Anna Jarvis Strives to Recognize Her Mother's Noble Mothers Day Causes

    In the 1850s, Ann Reeves organized "Mother's Day Work Clubs" to improve the poor health and sanitation in her country so as to improve the living conditions of children.  In 1868, she organized the “Mothers’ Friendship Day” in which the mothers of Confederate and Union soldiers helped promote reconciliation following the Civil War.

    Ann Reeves created the first Mother's Day Clubs Ann Reeves & first Mothers Day Clubs

    Following Ann's death on the second Sunday of 1905, her daughter Anna Jarvis honored her mother by conceiving of "Mother's Day" on May 10,1908.  Anna sought to recognize the sacrifices mothers make for their children and to the world in other ways.  Backed by John Wanamaker, a Philadelphia department store owner, she celebrated on on the second Sunday in May the first official Mother's Day through services offered at a Methodist Church in Gratton, West Virginia, which has come to be recognized as a Mother's Day Shrine, West Virginia.  Even though  thousands gathered at the department store and amply bought gifts, Anna Jarvist seemed not concerned Anna at the time.

    Anna Jarvis as a younger woman Anna Jarvis as a younger woman

    Anna Jarvis Anna Jarvis

    Grafton Church, West Virginia Grafton Methodist Church, West Virginia

    During the celebration, Anna used pink carnations to remember deceased mothers and pink carnations to honor living mothers.

    First Mother's Day Celebration Grafton Church Mother's Day Celebration


    Pink & White Mother's Day Carnations Pink & White Mother's Day Carnations

    Anna Jarvis's Rejection of Mother's Day

    Perhaps because she remained childless and enjoyed such a wonderful childhood, Anna pursued the national recognition of Mother's Day during the second Sunday in May.  After many cities and states began to celebrate the occasion throughout the country, in 1912 President Woodrow Wilson officiated that the second Sunday of May become a nationally celebrated Mother's Day.

    Woodrow Wilson, three children and wife Woodrow Wilson's Family

    Americans have historically used popular celebrations for fundraising or as occasions to rally support for a cause.  However, Anna Jarvis found the increased commercialization off Mother's Day completely unacceptable.  She never never intended Mother's Day to be anything other than a simple, intimate event involving the immediate family and church attendance.  Upon witnessing that flowers, cards, and candy were being purchased as gifts for mother's, she sought to over turn the holiday by 1920. In 1925 the police arrested her when she created great disturbance at the the American War Mothers organization fund raising event held on Mother's Day.  She even vociferously absconded First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's use of the event to raise charity funds. By the time Anna died in 1948 at the age of 84 in the Philadelphia's Marshall Square Sanitarium where she was treated for dementia, she not only had completely disavowed Mother's Day, but she had spent every penny that she owned fighting against those who were profiting from the celebration.  In spite of her efforts, not only did Mother's Day continue to gain in popularity in the United States, but it also came to be celebrated globally.

    Eleanor Roosevelt Mother's Day Charity Eleanor Roosevelt Mother's Day Charity

    Regardless of the dark history surrounding the evolution of Mother's Day, Anna Reeves is now honored in Philadelphia with a burial plaque and in Grafton, West Virginia with a Church Plaque and also a Museum created in the home in which she grew up and lived. She is respected as the true originator of the May Mother's Day celebration.   When one visits the museum, there is little doubt that she truly cherished her childhood memories and loved her mother whose work recognized the dignity and power of mothers.

    Grafton Church Shrine Epitaph

    Anna Javis Home, Museum, Crafton, West Virginia The Anna Javis Museum

    Anna Jarvis Museum Nursery Anna Jarvis Museum Nursery

    Bedroom in Anna Jarvis Museum Anna Jarvis Bedroom - Museum

    Today Mother's Day has continued to assume a life of its own beyond what Anna intended.   It's history blends noble ideals of "mother" as a powerful female figure willing to lay down her life for her children and fight for peace, with the pure, intimate, and unconditional love that exists between a mother and her child.

    For many moms the occasion is one of the most eagerly anticipated celebrations!  And selecting memorable gifts has grown to become one of the most important traditions in our country.

    Comment about what you would like to give your mothers in your life and receive reward points toward purchase of merchandise.

    Here is our original story about Julia Howe.  Comment there as well to receive reward points.

    Comment about which of these SundryShop are the best Mother's Day gifts that you might give:  Patricia Breen floral  ornaments, Punch Studio boxes, Christopher Radko finials, Others (please specify).  Share examples to your FaceBook page and receive more reward points.  Even more reward points to be had when you Pin to Pinterest.  And you can use these reward points to save when you purchase a truly unique Mother's Day gift that will be treasured through the generations!

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  • The History of the Easter Bunny Rabbit & Best 3 Christopher Radko Rabbit Glass Ornaments

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    The History of the Easter Bunny Rabbit

    Easter has become a celebrated custom throughout the world.  And without doubt, the Bunny Rabbit is comparable to Santa Claus with its gift-giving and Easter morning surprises.  On Easter Sunday, children excitedly awake to discover what the Easter bunny has left, embarking on an Easter egg hunt around the house or joining other neighborhood children in parks.  Those that find the most eggs often even win a prize.

    The history of the Easter bunny can be traced back to ancient times when the prolific funny rabbit became recognized as a symbol of fertility.  At some point in Germany, the bunny rabbit was thought to lay eggs, the egg being recognized by Romans and other cultures as being the source of all life.  Christians too believed the egg to be "the seed of life" and as such it came to symbolize Jesus Christ's resurrection.  Hence the Easter rabbit and egg became inseparable Easter symbols.

    The Best 3 Christopher Radko Rabbit European Collectible Glass Ornaments

    SundryShop offers a wide selection of hand lbown glass Easter bunny rabbit ornament collectibles.  Create fun Easter trees or a special centerpiece display for use during the traditional Easter Sunday dinner.

    Radko's Easter rabbits produced between 1996 and 1999 are recognized among his best - truly the golden era of Christopher Radko glass Easter ornaments.  These highly collectible handblown glass ornaments were original renditions, carefully designed and hand-blown.  They also tend to be larger and hence heavier - so consider hanging them with two hooks.  SundryShop recommends 3 b Radko Easter bunny glass ornament recommendations:

    First, Radko Bunny Caserole Ornament demonstrates outstanding presence, measuring 4 1/2 inches tall and 5 inches wide.  A playful ornament in which the Easter bunny lies in a clay pot; however, should you approach the hare, it will jump away, taking the eggs with it.

    Christopher Radko Easter Bunny Casserole Rabbit Ornament 1998 Radko Bunny Casserole Easter Ornament 1998

    A second favorite beauty from 1998 is the Christopher Radko Pansy Patch Ornament.  It also demonstrates fine size at 5 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches wide.  As with the Casserole bunny, it is also quite heavy and impressive -  a real treat for children to behold!  The bunny rests on an elevated bed of pansy flowers, the most hardy of flowers that will bloom when the sun melts winter snows and is among the first spring flower to establish their full glory.  The children will wonder if perhaps the white bunny has laid an egg!

    Christopher Radko Easter Pansy Patch Easter Bunny Ornament 1998 Radko Pansy Patch Easter Rabbit Ornament 1998

    Our third choice is Radko Professor Hare Ornament produced in  .  We love this ornament because the Easter bunny assumes a less traditional role as an educator - if you look closely, you'll see he holds one of his young bunny students.  The wise rabbit will delight children not just during Easter, but again during the winter holiday months!

    Christopher Radko Easter Professor Hare Bunny Rabbit  Ornament 1996 Radko Professor Hare Easter Ornament

    So, while your children are enjoying the Easter egg hunt, remember the Easter bunny rabbit.  And share tall tales that have been handed down from ancient times.  Better yet, allow the children to create their own stories!

    Happy Eater from SundryShop!

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  • The Best Festive Glass Ornaments for Spring and Easter

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    The arrival of spring brings hope for renewal and the anticipation of  rains followed by beautiful spring flowers! For those of us who love ornaments, spring is a very special time that can be celebrated with collectible decorations. SundryShop offers fantastic collectible glass blown ornaments and other home decoration figurines that are perfect to create spring centerpiece displays.  Today we will highlight 3 of our favorite festive spring and Easter ornaments.

    First, Patricia Breen precious bejeweled and artistically glittered Flower Pot Masquerade Ornament  promises to bring joy to your spring days. Carefully handmade with bright yellows and greens, this ornament also comes adorned with yellow Swarovski crystals, as well as a sweet smile on the face of the flower.  Offered exclusively through the Neiman Marcus Catalog in 2007, only 84 were available!

    Patricia Breen Flower Pot Masquerade Ornament Flower Pot Masquerade Ornament

    Our second ornament is another offering by Patricia Breen, the Bunny Girl Medallion. Painted in creamy pastel colors, this Patricia Breen ornament is a lacquered beauty that will brighten up any home for all of spring and Easter. The ornament features a bunny rabbit surrounded by pink roses, and it even features a carrot on the back!

    Patricia Breen Medallion Bunnny Girl Easter Ornament Breen Medallion Bunny Girl Ornament

    Last but certainly not least is this Crystal Rabbit by Godinger for Shannon Crystal. This is certainly the most breathtaking rabbit we’ve ever seen; hand-cut from the highest quality Irish crystal, this ornament is something worthy of being passed down from generation to generation. Not only is it beautiful, but this Crystal Rabbit is a steal of a deal.

    Godinger for Shannon crystal Irish crystal Easter rabbit figurine Godinger Crystal Easter Rabbit Figurine

    SundryShop visitors, comment about your plans for Easter Sunday!

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  • The Luck of the Irish to you from SundryShop.com – St. Patricks Day Hand-Blown European Glass Ornaments & Home Decoration - Centerpiece Displays

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    Information About How St. Patrick's World-Wild Irish Celebrations Began & Home Decoration Ideas

    Have fun creating for fun and profit a the Luck of the Irish collection comprised of festive St. Patrick’s Day symbols like leprechauns, shamrocks, rainbows, Celtic designs, and green, green ornaments, as well.   Innovate unique home decorations centerpieces and St Patricks Day tree displays with SundryShop.com Christopher Radko, Patricia Breen, and Old World Inga Glass hand blown collectible European glass ornaments and Ino Schaller paper mache candy container & figures..  And buy unique classic Saint Patty theme Celtic theme designer jewelry to celebrate festivities and parades in style!

    Here’s the low-down behind why St. Patty’s captivates us all!

    Many throughout the world connect with St. Patrick, both culturally and historically. Although we cannot trace the “Apostle of Ireland” to a particular time, we know that he was part of an Irish missionary during the 5th century. And the Saint is now known to have been ordained the first bishop of “Armagh” in Ireland in 444 AD and served Northern and Western Ireland.  St. Patrick died March 17 but the exact year of his death is unknown (those who believe he's buried in Down Cathedral in Downpatrick, affirm 460AD).

    St Patrick represnted as Bishop of Amagh Representation of St Patrick as Bishop in lead glass window, Cathedral in Armagh, Irland

    During his adolescence, he was taken from Great Britain and made a slave in Ireland for six years before escaping and returning to his family in Ireland. His journey back to his homeland is historically depicted as a mystical tale in which he followed the directives of higher powers, his own intuition, and endured many adventures. He returned to convert the pagans to Christianity and accordingly incorporated into his teachings ancient symbols .  

Because of St. Patrick, most Americans and our friends throughout Europe identify with at least a modicum of Irish heritage or magic. Here’s why.

    When he returned to Ireland, St. Patrick counteracted the perception that he was “foreigner” to the Irish people by refusing gifts offered by the monarchy and, instead, established a strong kingship with the commoners. Without the protection of the ruling powers, he was beaten, robbed, and, incarcerated in chains, awaited execution. However, he survived and was able to follow his religious pursuits.

    Even though his remains still remain unknown, by the 7th century he became recognized as Ireland’s patron saint.  Although never proven, many believe that St. Patrick buried at Down Cathedral in Downpatrick, County Down, alongside St. Columba and St. Brigid in Ireland. Indeed, the St. Patrick Visitor Centre in Downpatrick, is the only ongoing exhibition in the world devoted to the Saint and has become an enduring exhibit that features the Saint’s life and story!

    We hear the term "Balrney" quoted often during St Patricks Day.  Although it's come to mean smooth flattering talk and "nonsense, tradition holds that if you visit the Blarney Castle in Country Cork, Ireland, and kiss the Blarney Stone, you will be blessed with the "gift of gab" and become a master of persuasion.  Indeed, celebrants are free to speak glibly during St Patrick celebrations!

    Irish immigrants’ in the US have particularly preserved St. Patrick’s legacy as illustrated by the famous St Patricks Cathedral in New York City built in 1858, one of the backdrops for the yearly St Patricks Day parade!

    St-Patricks-Cathedra-New-York Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral church, New York City, built in 1858, across the street from Rockefeller Center & one of the parade sites.

    People connect with St. Patrick because of his piety for the average folk. He was a self-made man whom during his captivity became familiar with and grew to love the Irish culture and language. His cultural hybridism has come to symbolize everything “Irish.” Even folks who are not of Irish descent relate to and celebrate St. Patrick, proclaiming that there is at least a bit of Irish that “exists” in each and every one of us. As such, on St. Patrick’s day people from many different backgrounds join to drink green beer, wear green, watch parades, and engage in the Irish dancing and revelry.

    SundryShop Collectibles Celebrating Saint Patrick

    SundryShop loves the wonderful St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and offers unique collectibles that celebrate the holiday. First there are the collectibles actually recognizing the Saint.

    Radko valued the cultural heritage imbued upon Americans by creating creations of the Saint using the ubiquitous Santa.  The Christopher Radko Euopean hand blown glass St. Patrick Jr. Santa ornament echos Celtric traditions and symbols in Santa's staff and a long, free flowing gown that is similar to what the Bishop might have worn.

    Radko St Patrick Jr Santa Ornament Christopher Radko St Patrick Jr hand blown glass Christmas Ornament

    Christopher Radko St. Patty's Way Santa ornament  depicts an 18th Century Santa Leprechaun gent that brings plenty of good luck with a staff tipped with a golden clover, more clover on his suit, and an overflowing pot of gold!  Produced in 2002, the 7.25 inch tall glass ornament has magnificent presence and can be hung on a St. Paddy's tree or used to create a festive centerpiece dinner display.  Pass the Irish soup, please!

    Radko St Paddys Way Santa hand blown glass ornament. Christopher Radko Saint Patty's Way Santa Ornament

    The St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun

    The Irish male “fairie” leprechauns came to be associated with St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps symbolizing the mystery surrounding the saint. These reclusive, magical folk were believed to inhabit Ireland prior to the arrival of the Celts. They took the form of elderly men who partook in mischief (therefore, ladies, be on guard for the infamous St. Patty’s day “pinch”). If you believe that the Leprechaun represents the heritage of the “common folk” with whom St. Patrick sought to gain recognition, you might be quite right!

    By the way, remember, that legend says that one must not lose sight of a leprechaun or else they will vanish! Ah, the delight of such magic (remember to remain focused, something probably many elfins are unable to do after imbibing a glass or so of ale!)

    Christopher Radko has created many high quality St. Paddys Day Leprechaun hand blown and hand silvered Leprechauns.  SundryShop loves the Radko Rollin' O'Reilly Ornament that features a rotund Leprechaun that gains substantial p recognition on a tree because of its ball-like presence.

    Radko Rollin O'Reilly Leprechaun Ornament Chrisotpher Radko Rollin O'Reilly Leprechaun Ornament

    SundryShop also celebrates the Shamrock! Here are some of our recommendations!

    The Shamrock depicts the initial sprigs of clover (trefoil) and has become a symbol of Ireland, veneered for its magical qualities since Celtic. Recognizing the importance that the clover had for the people, St. Patrick used it to symbolize and help explain the trinity. But if you are very lucky, you will discover a clover with four leaves, which has come to represent "Faith, Hope, Love and Luck."  The message that St. Patricks brought to the people included that they are important and sacred.  Indeed, the shamrock is often seen on Ireland's national emblem featuring the Irish harp.

    Shamrock handblown glass ornaments are great not just for St Patty's Day but can be displayed into spring and again during the winter holiday season.  Patricia Breen has made a number of appealing European hand blown glass ornament shamrocks such as this glittered gold emerald Clover Medallion Ornament.

    Breen Clover Medallion St Patricks Day Ornament Patricia Breen Clover Medallion Ornament

    .Breen's James Joyce Clover Tree Ornament celebrates the writer's artistic endeavors in a way that Dubliners and St Patrick revelers would both appreciate.

    Breen James Joyce Shamrock Tree Ornament Patricia Breen James Tree Ornament

    This amazing Radko Ino Schaller Wilseian Nich papier mache candy container is covered with green glittered trim, faux red emeralds, red clover and all kinds of other Irish magic!  It would make a stunning St Ptricks Day centerpiece display and could be brought out again for winter holiday displays.

    Christiopher Radko Ino Schaller Wiseian Nich Candy Container - St Patricks Day Rakdo Ino Schaller Wilseian Nich Candy Container

    The Irish Celtic Cross Symbol Finds Expression in Unique Designer Jewelry

    When St Patrick returned to Ireland, he respected the importance of pre-Christian beliefs and combined them with new ones. For example, his depiction of the Christian cross included the Sun, a powerful Irish symbol. As a result, we see his influence in many crosses and other Irish collectibles,

    Ladies, to liven up your St Patricks Day, spring, and summer attire, wear this amazing designer, handcrafted amber and beaded Celtic interlaced necklace .  And matching Celtic theme earrings!

    Celtic Designer Amber Celtic theme earrings Earrings Svetlana Designer Interlace Celtic Design Amber & Beaded

    The symbol of the harp is powerful according to Irish folklore.

    Because it was used for centuries, the harp has become honored in the Irish emblem. Even both chieftains and kings revered blind harpists in Ireland during pre-Christian days because these musicians were able to reach into the listeners’ hearts so as to commune with higher spirits. The harp is therefore a powerful Irish symbol that also appears on state seals, uniforms, presidential flag, and official Irish document. Even the "Man of O’Carolan’s" Irish melodies  composed during the 17th century by one of the last Irish harpist-composers survive today and are frequently performed, particularly during more tradition St. Patrick's Day festivities.

    SundryShop’s the Christopher Radko Merry Melody Harp hand beaded Czech Republic ornament for use with St. Patricks displays.  And the ornament can again be displayed during the Christmas season and other special occasions.

    Radko Merry Melody Harp Ornament - St Patricks Day Radko Merry Melody Harp Beaded Czech Rep Ornament

    Wearing Green and Anything Green

    Also, when celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, remember, wearing green pays tribute to Ireland and St Patrick. Wearing green brings great luck but also attracts leprechauns who are notorious for pinching female “butts.” You men, watch out too for other types of leprechaun mischief. SundryShop.com recommends that you look first before sitting down to make sure the stool you were sitting on is still there when you return to rest a bit from the dancing and celebrations!)

    Breen Miniature Chameleon St Patricks Day Green Ornament Patricia Breen Miniature Chameleon Ornament - Green

    View many other grreat Sant Patricks Day collectibles in our SundryShop web store!

    And enjoy and pin away with SundryShop’s St. Patricks’s Day Irish Pinterest board as well!

    Have fun this St. Patty’s day and be safe!

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  • Valentines Day Unique Gift Ideas - “How do I love Thee? Let me count the ways …”

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    Valentines Day Unique Gift Ideas

    “How do I love Thee? Let me count the ways …” Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Depending on the context, Valentines Day has different meanings for different people.  Therefore, there are many possible gift-giving options!  Here are a few ideas! SundryShop prides itself in offering forthright and courteous customer service.  We can ship the same day if you purchase prior to 4:00pm on work days.

    Call SundryShop if you would like to make special, delivery arrangements by a designated deadline!  303 825-3859  - leave a message should we be on or away from the phone.  One of SundryShop's professional staff will promptly return your phone call.

    Create a SundryShop account and share this blog to receive customer loyalty reward points that will help you save when you purchase and share!  It's easy and secure! When true love prevails against great odds, consider an exquisite, rare-find hand blown glass Patricia Been Santa ornament that suggests that love can be renewed each spring.

    Patricia Breen’s "Santa Sows Hearts" was made exclusively for Milaegers in 2004 and it is limited to 84.  With it’s exquisite detailing, imagine the joy that it would create through the years is endless! Breen-Sowing-Santa-Hearts-2004-a

    Correspondence via letters and cards often serves as a valentines for a fond companion who has faithfully shared caring love through the years.  Christopher Radko’s “Victorian Valentines” silvered hand blown European glass Valentines card might be a perfect gift!

    Love that is of a fiery, passionate nature can be playfully acknowledged with a gift such as Christopher Radko’s “Red Hot Mama, a wonderfully mouth-blown Italian art glass creation that would work perfectly in a curio cabinet and again on the holiday tree!

    Ask yourself, “What does Valentine’s Day mean to me?” The answer is very personal and there really is not a wrong one.  Love is everywhere and often needs not be explained but rather simply and purely expressed. Gift-giving offers the perfect way to express your love!

    The Patricia Breen “Gstaad Ginberboy” snowman might be the perfect answer for the special person in your live that has a love for skiing or confectionery delights.

    Here's another, the Salt Lake City "Olympic Mascots", perfect for someone who savors the Winter Olympics!

    Also consider SundryShop’s designer Stephen Dweck OOAK jewelry or fine amber and turquoise jewelry that can transition into the spring and summer months!

    As Olalekan Ashiru  has stated, “True love stands together in equality and balance to what is honest, true, and caring and not only about romantic love. It is a kindness of heart, soul, and mind. True love can be definite and is also a given, known and reciprocated when two people ‘share’ in it." 

    How might this beautiful, vintage red Siny Brite wreath express one of these sentiments? 69469

    Filling a Punch Studio designer gift box with potpourri or a beautiful scarf accompanied by a heartfelt personalized Valentines Card might be the perfect gift! 65240

    Shop SundryShop and enjoy exploring the possibilities! Happy Valentine's Day and we hope that your chosen, loving sentiments brings much joy. The team from SundryShop.com

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  • The History Behind Frances Scott Key’s National Anthem – An Original Story

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    No other national anthem as eloquently honors a country’s flag as he Star Spangled Banner. The anthem not only accompanies almost every major American function, bestowing significant honor on those asked to sing the song, but is perhaps the best recognized in the world.  SundryShop.com celebrates the 4th of July with an original story that explains how a poem written by Francis Scott Key during the war of 1812 against the British came to be paired with a tune written by John Stafford Smith years earlier to create our national anthem!

    The 4th of July commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

    Celebrate the 4th of July and all patriotic holidays with exquisite holiday collectibles from our webstore!  These European hand blown Christopher Radko, Patricia Breen, Polonaise by Komozja, and Larry Fraga ornaments promise to become cherished heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations. Involve family and friends in creating fun displays that can last through Veteran’s Day, as well.

    The History Behind Frances Scott Key’s National Anthem – An Original Story

    Through the Eyes of a Youth During the 1780s

    "Francis!" boomed the commanding voice of Lieutenant John Key. There was no response as the wind whistling through the colonial home. "Francis!" the lieutenant called again this time with more intensity.  No answer again, but this time the faint playful laugh of child hiding behind behind the stairs draws the lieutenant’s attention, followed by the heavy sound of boots making their way to the child.  As the chuckling increases, a large powerful hand grasps the back of a collar and pulls a giggling eight-year-old Francis out from behind the stairs.  The immense lieutenant looms over the young Francis, "I'm going out. Stay here and mind."

    "Yes, sir," Francis respectfully replied.

    "That's a good boy!" John says, winking and patting his son on the head as he turns and marching out of the house.  Minutes later young Francis darts out of the house after his father.

    Making sure to keep his distance, the mischievous young Francis follows his father though the dimly lit streets of the 1780's Westminster, Maryland.  As Lieutenant Key reaches a small discreet door, he warily looks over his shoulders, and then knocks.  The door opens immediately and Lieutenant Key slips inside before the door slams shut behind him.  Scampering over to the entrance, Francis hears a mass of male voices coming from within.  Noticing a gap between the heavy oak door and the cobble stone street, Francis planes himself on the street and peers under the crack.

    The dim light of a few oil lamps allows Francis to barely observe the scene that was shrouded by clouds of smoke that fills the room like a thick fog.  The chatter dies down as a tall, weathered man takes the platform at the front of the room. "Gentleman of the Anacreontic Society," he bellows "we have a distinguished guest amongst us tonight!  The composer of our secrete society’s constitutional song, Mr. John Stafford Smith." The room erupts with robust applause.  John Smith stands up from his seat at the organ and raises his hat to the crowd of men.

    "Let us show our British guest how well America can sing “To Anacreon in Heaven," booms the tall man.  As John Smith plays the tune on the organ, the other men’s shoulders lock and they sway in unison as they sing the lyrics [http://www.miketodd.net/encyc/anacreontext.htm].  They were no longer a group of individual professionals, but rather a banned group of brothers who were united in secrecy and revelry.

    Wanting to join the unity that came from inside the room, Francis presses his face closer to the door.  Just then Francis feels himself lifted from the cobblestones.  Looking over his shoulder Francis beholds the stern face of Dr. Thompson. "Does your father know you're here?"  Saying nothing, Francis stares at him with frightened eyes.  Still holding the young boy by his collar, the doctor bursts though the doors. The echo of the singing rings though the young Francis's ears as he is dragged though the mass of men. As the doctor and his captive reach the front of the room, the singing stops; only the organ music continues.

    "Key?" The doctor yells at the crowd holding Francis up for the crowd to see.  Lieutenant Key steps out of the mass of men, his face read with anger. "Go home Francis. Go on. Get!" The doctor releases the boy who races toward the door.  As he is about to exit, he turns for one more look.  While everyone seemingly stares back at him as though he is a naughty intruder, he locks eyes with John Smith, who gives Francis a faint smile.

    Frances Scott Keys’ Resolve and Inspiration, 1814

    In 1814, the warm September sun beats down upon a small rowboat in the middle of the Patapsco River.  By then, Francis is a part-time poet and a lawyer.  He comes with Colonel John Skinner to negotiate with the British the release of Dr. William Beanes, a friend whom the British captured following the attack on Washington.

    A massive English warship that is but a few meters ahead dwarfs the rowboat. As the rowboat bobs against the mighty battleship, a tall, handsome thirty-five-year-old sailor stands in the bow and bellows, "Francis Scott Key and John Stuart Skinner requesting permission to board!" After an agonizing moment of silence, a small rope ladder comes flying over the side of the ship. Francis grabs the ladder while John ties a tether to the rowboat so it can then be further secured and lifted along the ship’s side. The two men then begin the assent to the deck of the ship.

    Once on the crowded deck, a rotund British Officer, "Admiral Alexander Cochrane," introduces himself to the two men and then continues,  "May I also present to you, Rear Admiral Sir George Cockburn and Major General Robert Ross."

    "Gentlemen," Francis replies with a nod of his head "we are here on the orders of President Madison to negotiate the release of Dr. Beanes and other American prisoners." Admiral Cochrane looks directly into the eyes of Francis and laughs. "Sure, sure we can talk, but I must tell you, your efforts are futile.  See all those dots on the horizon?" Francis and John squint their eyes to see the hundreds of little black specs far off in the distance. "You see before you, sirs, the entire force of the Royal Navy preparing to wipe your Fort McHenry off the map." Admiral Cochrane states with a smug smile. "So while we can talk, it will be of no use, for this war will be soon over."  To this, the British sailors let out a thunderous cheer.  Momentarily Keys remembers the burning of the Capital city and the White House, and he trembles at the thought that Baltimore might soon fall, as well.

    "May we check our men?" Francis asks. "Take them down. Let them see the prisoners," the Admiral barks at his right-hand man.  As they enter the sweltering brig of the ship, the stench of men held in cramped quarters, without bathing and with little food or drink, foully greets Francis and John. Apart from a few moans and scraping of chains against the beck, the brig is quiet. Francis and John move from prisoner to prisoner, gathering names, ranks, and injuries. He finds Beanes, in better spirits than he believed possible.  Remarkably, while making their way though the sea of imprisoned men, they hear the same query from every solider, "Is the flag still flying?"

    Beanes joins Francis and Skinner on the main deck, the portly Admiral Cochrane again greets Francis, "I see that you found your man”.

    "Yes, sir," answers John,  "We will accept no less than a one for one release!" To this, the Admiral contemptuously laughs out loud. To further dismiss the weight of the proposal, the admiral istates, " The three of you know far too much and will be detained on this ship until the battle is over.  You are now guests of the Royal Navy. Come dine with me. We can watch the destruction in a civilized fashion." "Sir!" Francis interjects, " Fort McHenry is more of a town than a fort. There are hundreds of women and children there." Admiral Cochrane slowly moves closer to him as he speaks, "Well, lucky for them there is an easy way to make the bombing stop." He pauses to create an air of suspense, "Take down that bloody flag!" He turns on his heals and marches toward his cabin, "Will you gents also be joining us for tea after dinner?" he asks, not looking back.

    Hope Flashes Amidst Endless Bombardments and a Poem is Born

    Just as the sun begins to set during the evening of the 12th, a light rain begins to fall and slowly intensifies in strength.  The first volley of canons is released on Fort McHenry, their cracks and booms slicing through the air and sending shivers down Francis's spine.  The canons thunder ceaselessly throughout the night.  Often, a shell hits the rampart, catching fire and illuminating the fort in a red glare. Francis, William, and John watch from the deck for some proof that the flag, almost three miles away, is still standing.  To their amazement, they experience a sense of hope as fire illuminates a flag that seems larger than life.

    After countless hours of relentless bombing, Admiral Cochrane bursts though the cabin doors, "Why won't they lower that bloody flag?" he yells in John's face. "Every gunship in the Royal Navy is pointed at the flag, and you idiots won't bring it down!" He slams his hand on the table and storms out of the cabin.  Then, suddenly, during the deep of night of the 13th, after rain began to pour relentlessly, the sound of gunfire ceases.  The dark night somberly shrouds the three men.  They stand trembling, looking in the direction of where the flag had been flying, not knowing the outcome of the battle.

    Francis, awe struck by the previous images of the unfaltering flag, begins penning a poem in on the back of an envelope.  In his head a tune plays over and over, inspiring his verse.  Even though it has become over the years a popular pub tune, he knows it is the only one that can hold the power of his words. It is the same tune that had brought a group of men together when he was a young boy.  Now as a man, he knows that the tune written by John Stafford Smith paired with his words he is writing will have the power to bring men together once again.

    Even while uncertain about the outcome of the battle, Key begins to write the “Defense of Fort M'Henry”

    O, say can you see, by the dawn's early light,
    What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming

    While the morning fog rolls down the river and settles onto the Baltimore Bay, the canons continue to lie quiet. Amidst the smoke and rubble in the distance, Key can see a flag still stands. But he is uncertain if it is the British or the American flag.  He continues writing,

    What is that which the breeze o'er the towering steep,
    As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?

    As the sun rises more fully, Francis incredulously beholds that the star shaped Rort McHenry has withstood the onslaught of the cannons, and the 42ft long flag, with 8 red stripes, 7 white stripes and 15 white stars, continues to wave proudly.  He passionately writes,

    Tis the star-spangled banner - O long may it wave
       O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    The admiral approaches, "I have no authority to keep you any longer." He pauses, looking down at his Francis’ feet. "Your people are bloody fools," nodding his head in the direction of the flag, “For many lie about the base of that flag, a massive slaughter, indeed.  But, the Americans have won the battle.  We will return you to shore on the 16th.”

    After reaching the fort, Key completes all four verses [http://www.miketodd.net/encyc/anthtext.htm] while in the Indian Queen Hotel, Keys, and the local judge deems it so inspiring that he soon disseminates the printed verse throughout the fort.  By 1916, Woodrow Wilson designated that the song become the national anthem that, to this day, continues to enthrall and bind the entire country.

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  • How Hand Blown & Handcrafted European Glass Ornaments Are Made

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    SundryShop.com offers the largest slection of collectible hand blown European glass ornaments on the Internet.  A primary reason why Christopher Radko, Patricia Breen, Kurt Adler Polonaise, Vaillancourt Folk Art, Larry Fraga, & other ornaments become enduring collectibles goes beyond supply and demand and includes the extensive skill, time, artistry, and quality of craftsmanship.

    Although product characteristics differ among these companies, they all use fundamentally the same European hand blown ornament production techniques that have been passed down through the generations.  At least seven days are required from the day the glass ornament is hand blown to the application of the final finishes.  However, weeks and some times months are required to conceptualize and approve the design and mold before each ornament is made.

    While glass ornaments companies such as Old World Inge Glas and the earlier Christopher Radko’s earlier creations have used glass ornament molds available from previous generations, embellishing the ornaments with their own artistic interpretations, these and other leading hand blown glass ornament companies also began creating their own unique molds, thereby achieving appealing innovations and expansion of themes.

    Note that the production of hand blown glass ornaments, as explained in this blog, is different from the free form, mouth-blown glass ornaments made primarily in Italy, a glass ornament production process that will be described in a separate blog

    Conceiving a New Design 

    During the ornament creation, artists first render the new design in a drawing that interprets the ornament in three dimensions.  Ornament production ensues only after a prototype is approved by various parties within and possibly outside the company.  The artist must work closely with a skilled carver to create a model from plaster or clay and give final approval to the design, after which the carved piece is given to the mold maker.  A sand-cast mold from molten metal is then made using Renaissance-era techniques.

    Day 1 – Heating the Glass & Hand Blowing It Into the Mother Mold

    First the glass is heated and then hand blown into a heated metal mold using the following steps.  Because the assembled mold is completely sealed at the bottom, the bottom stem of the heated tube is clipped off, but a hole at the top of the mold allows the top stem to be preserved.  The older half of the mold is placed on top and secured in place.  Using the intact stem, the glass artisan blows into the encased, heated glass tube, enabling it to conform to the mold's contours.  After the glass ornament is blown, there will be a seam where the two sides join, a production artifact that is anticipated and aesthetically accommodated during the design and painting stages.

    Once the glass fully cools, the clear glass ornament can be removed from the mold. However, the long stem at the top of the ornament is retained because it allows the artisan to more effectively handle the glass ornament during the subsequent gilding, painting, and glittering. Following this procedure, the clear glass ornaments are hand blown one at a time.

    The glassblower uses either regular or tempered glass.   Similar to Pyrex, the tempered glass enhances durability, but also makes the ornament heavier.  Use of either type of glass is equally acceptable, with the quality of the mold and additional steps determining the completed glass ornament's collectible appeal.

    The newly created clear hand blown glass ornament requires 24 hours to completely harden.

    Heater-Glass-Tube Heating a glass tube that will then be fed into the mold

    The-Molded-Clear-Glass-Ornament The heated glass tube is blown into the mold.

    Day 2 – Silvering The Glass Ornament

    The inside of the clear glass ornament is hand infused with liquid silver.  It is this silvering that gives the ornament its amazing luminescence.  Again, 24 hours is required for the silver to dry.

    Day 3 – Applying the Base Coat

    The ornament artist hand-paints a base coat on the exterior surface of the glass ornament.  As examples, the artisan apllies the basecoat pearl color of a snowman or of Santa's red coat.  Additional dominant colors can be applied after the base coat dries.

    Silvering-Base-Coat-The-Clear-Glass-Ornament On Day 2, liquid silver is inflused in the ornament.  On Day 3 the base coat i applied on the exterior.

    Day 4 – Applying Lacquer to Add Vivid Colors

    On the fourth day, the artist applies vivid lacquer colors that further develop the artistic theme and integrity of the ornament.  Once again, 24 hours are required for the paint to dry.

    Day 5 – Adding Painted Details

    On Day 5, artisans with strong aesthetic abilities painstakingly attend to painting details that imbue each ornament with its own unique essence and life.  Even though the clear glass ornaments are produced using the same mold, each one becomes a one-of-a-kind artistic creation.  Note how the artist continues holding on to the stem at the top of the ornament while applying paint and will also continue using it during Day 6.

    Apply-Different-Lacquer-Colors-And-Painting-Details Day 4, Applying colorful lacquer & Day 5, painting the detail

    Day 6 – Adding Glittering Details 

    Not only does the artist attend to some additional painting detail as needed, but glitter is applied, a painstaking process that can require the use of different glitter colors and textures.  The glitter gives the ornament a magical, dazzling effect.

    During the 2000s, Patricia Breen innovated glittering techniques that became an art form in and of itself and required additional time for layered applications.  In effect, the artist painted with glitter, an extremely time-intensive process.  These have become some of the most collectible, sought-after contemporary collectible ornaments.

    Day 7 – The Final Touches 

    On the seventh day, the ornament is carefully inspected for quality.  Those that have problems are taken out of the primary ornament production and not sold because they are inferior seconds.  The long stem is clipped so that it can be covered by the customized cap, hanger, and tag.  The ornament is then carefully packaged for shipment so that it can be transported to ornament distributors and primary retailer.

    Pictorial Summary of the Hand-Blown Ornament Production

    The picture below summarizes the ornament production stages.  However, note that the representations exclude various different application stages of lacquer detailing, glittering, and revisions that truly make hand blown and handcrafted glass ornament production a painstaking, work-of-art process.

    Picture-Of-the-Ornament-During-Different-Production-Steps A picture summary of the ornament during the different steops of production

    A Word of Caution

    Most ornament seconds are destroyed, but now always.  Recently some Christopher Radko seconds have found their way to the collector because of private purchases made of Polish factory inventory following the sale of Christopher Radko’s business to Raush in 2007.  Collectors should exercise caution in buying from reputable sellers who don’t sell these inferior seconds. Also, pay attention to collector guide information and bulletin boards to avoid buying something other than the authentic, originally produced ornaments.

    Original, highly sought-after limited editions made ten or more years ago, for example, are suspect if they show up for sale in large numbers through a secondary market seller - the strongly-in-demand ornament would have sold out shortly after production and would not still be aviailble in such large numbers.  Reproductions are beginning to show up on eBay, so please be careful.  While you might be pleased to  find a rare-find, prized ornament advertised in "like-new" condition auctioning on eBay after conducting an Internet search, the find creates a "tunnel view" of the one item that you end upbidding on.  You might not realize that the same seller has sold scores of the same ornament, all reproductions with hand numbered tags recently produced.  Most certainly, the originally produced ornaments can become available, but high demand, very collectible examples are tightly held by collectors.  While authentic fine European hand blown glass ornaments are likely to increae in value, paying several hundred dollars for a reproduced ornament is not a wise investment. Please exercise cuation.  Before you begin bidding, search the number of the same ornaments the seller has completed.  And if you are suspicious, observe for a period of time how many are still being sold.  If too many of a limited edition or artist proof (AP) ornament are being sold by one seller, then it's too good to be true.

    SundryShop.com Extensive Authentic European Hand Blown Glass Ornament Collection 

    SundryShop has created a unique webstore selling platform that allows collectors to find & purchase collectible glass ornametns at any time, seven days a week.  When you create a cart, all items are automatically combined and you will be immediately emailed an invoice following purchase.  The item that you purchase disappears from the webstore, although we in cases have more than one, selling each item with its unique condition and edition number cited.  In regard to condition, we cite what is present.  Therefore, if the ornament is in like-new condition but without a hang tag, it will be described as "mint".  If it is in like-new condition and with the hang tag, it will be described as "Mint with Tag'.  We work very hard to stipulate where the signature occurs, so plesase read the condition statement in the description carefully.

    At this time, we are selling mostly the collectible, retired ornaments.  Many come to us through specialized consignments services that we offer to seniors or families in distress, and we also buy collections and individual ornaments.  Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions about our merchandise.

    Please feel free to browse our extensive collection of fine, hand blown glass Christmas ornaments, all extensively categorically indiexed so that you can quickly find what you are want:  Christopher Radko, Patricia Breen, Kurt Adler Polonaise, Larry Fraga, Inge Glass, Vaillaincourt Folk Art, vintage ornaments, Slavic Treasures, and more

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