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Frequently Asked Questions



Whom Am I Buying From?

We have been in business for over 17 years and have been operating exclusively as a "mail order" business since 1995. We have found that we could better meet customer demands by shipping all over the country and, indeed, all over the world. We have had much repeat business over the years, and we look forward to expanding the available merchandise and working with many new customers.

What is your Payment Policy?

Domestic customers can use all the major credit cards using or can use their Amazon account information through Checkout by Amazon.  Customers are always welcome to call and provide credit cards over the telephone.  Call us to arrange payments by check, money order, or cashiers checks.  

In order to calculate shipping, we request international customers us Checkout by Amazon.  We may require bank transfers or approved international money orders (other than Wells Fargo) for international customers in countries exempted from insruance coverage by the USPS and our third party insurance or for large value transactions.  We can consider use of credit cards on a per customer basis, in which case we will manually calculate shipping costs. 

What is Your Shipping Policy?

Domestic Shipping:
We ship all our items in new boxes with high quality cushioning material (styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.) to ensure a safe delivery. We ship domestically and internationally. We work hard to provide reasonable shipping costs. If you purchase multiple items, we can often consolidate merchandise to reduce the cost of the entire shipment. We request five business days to ship your merchandise, but strive to ship as quickly as possible. We will announce should longer shipping time be required because of travel/vacation. 
International Shipping;

We ship to all international countries that are covered by our insurance company.  Third party insurance companies only insure for countries that are covered by the USPS.   To enhance safe arrival, we encourage shipment to business addresses.  We require tracking using Priority shipping but can make exceptions and use USPS international First Class on a per customer basis.  High value items ship International FedEx Express with signature required. 

What is Your Return Policy?

Return Policy for Damaged Items:

If the item is insured, a claim will need to be filed with the carrier. Please contact SundryShop immediately for filing information. If the item is not insured, the buyer is responsible for the cost of the item should there be a non-receipt or breakage.  We do not cover damage that occurs during or after the removal of the item from the box.

In order to file a claim, the buyer must keep the original box, all original packing materials, and labels affixed to the box.  Contact us so that you can follow specific instructions determined by the insurance company requirements.

Return Policy for Defective Merchandise:

We inspect all items carefully prior to shipping. Should you receive a defective item, contact SundryShop immediately so that we can work with you to resolve the issue.

Return Policy Should Buyer Not be Satisfied with Merchandise:

Should you not be satisfied with the merchandise, contact us within three days. SundryShop must authorize returns prior to merchandise being returned. Merchandise must be returned in the original box, with the original packing material, and properly packed to help insure safe arrival. The customer pays all original and return shipping and insurance costs.  Following inspection that the merchandise was returned in its original condition as when originally shipped, SundryDrop will issue either a refund or a store credit. In order to cover handling, packing, and administrative costs, we charge e charge a 20% restocking fee for returned merchandise

Two people verify a quality control check list.   It is imperative that same merchandise be returned in the original condition that it was shipped.

What is Your Policy If Delivery Is Delayed or if the Package Is Lost?

In the event of delay or non receipt, we follow our 3rd party insurance company's policy of allowing 30 days to determine if delivery delay occurs because of adverse weather, natural catastrophies, incorrect delivery to a wrong address or other shipping errors, theft, or other reasons.  We then follow their required procedures in filing a claim, including submitting certain buyer documentation and completion of any investigation. It is therefore important that you provide all requested documentation in a timely manner.  Following determination by the insurance company that the package has been lost, we reimburse the customer as quickly as possible.

What Customer Service Do You Offer?

Providing strong customer service is extremely important to us. If you are in need of assistance, always feel free to contact us: Phone: 303-825-3859, e-mail: sales@sundryshop.com or eauction@sundrydrop.com US Mail: SundryShop.com™, 682 Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203